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"The Day is Highest Light"

The name of this website "The Day is Highest Light" was gifted by Source on a particular morning in 2015. This website is established with the intent and aim of helping to share and anchor the highest light and truth to the world. As conveyed by the name, it is hoped that in the not too distant future, all souls on Earth will bathe in, and walk the path of, the highest light everyday.

Alvin Salcitzreo

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"Salcitzreo" (pronounced as "Kal-zit-rol") is my spiritual name which means "Seeker of One" or "Seeker of Oneness".

Since young, I have always been curious about Divinities, star beings, various power sites (such as the Ginza pyramids of Egypt and Stonehenge), as well as psychic abilities, including the ability to communicate with Divinities. I am also very interested in metaphysics and esoteric knowledge.

In 2012, doors started opening for me to learn about spirituality. Divinities, star beings and (human) spiritual teachers began to appear to guide me on my path. I also started retrieving spiritual knowledge and abilities from my various past lives.

Having learnt and benefitted from my spirit and human guides, I feel that I am ready to apply my years of learning and experience in service of those who are embarking, at the crossroads or at the next milestone of their spiritual paths. In 2016, I left my career in the public sector to focus full-time on my spiritual work.

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